Tips for Decorating Your Rented Apartment

A new apartment is great if it is nicely furnished. Here are our tips for decorating your new space! 

Before you get started, there are a few things to consider when decorating your rental. When you rent an apartment, you may not be expecting to stay there forever. Here are our tips for decorating temporary rentals.

Existing furniture

If your apartment is pre-furnished keep the furniture you like!  Newly purchased pieces of furniture might not fit into the ambience of the apartment and could be costly. 

Original lamps

Even if the decor isn't state of the art, lamps are classic and look nice even if they have an antique look. Just pay attention to their placement. 

Use textiles to add character

If you want to change the character of your home without much effort, textiles are key! Use upholstery, pillows, blankets, curtains or throws to shake up the decor in your apartment. Combine the colours and styles, but make sure to keep your colours to a theme to avoid a cluttered look.

Storage with personality

For small apartments, combine storage with decor! Consider whether you want to carry heavy shelves with you to your next home. You can consider using wooden crates or boxes in different styles and finishes for lightweight storage and affordable decor. 

Make sure to match!

Make sure your furniture and decorations have a harmonious theme to avoid stressful arrangements.

Think about your walls

Add paintings, pictures, picture frames and accessories to your home to dress up your walls! 

If you can add a shelf or balance picture frames against a ledge, consider combining frame styles to add a great look that doesnt require adding any holes to your walls. This allows you to stay flexible and easily add new images or change your design.

Consider a retro look

Retro furniture is making a comeback! Make your apartment stand out from the crowd!  A combination of old and new furniture is often ingenious, just make sure that you balance your old and new pieces.