Home trends to watch out for in 2020

Home trends to watch out for in 2020

Here we show you a few home trends that you should pay attention to in 2020 to keep up with modern living

Mixed colours

The new trend is colourful! There is no longer one colour that will prevail for a year and then be replaced by a new one the next. Surprising colour combinations are modern. Instead of a colour, there are now colour palettes in which the individual colours are perfectly coordinated. This leads to cumulative effects because the colours spice each other up and thus give a room more style and effect. Such a colour palette would be e.g. Blood red, burgundy, golden brown, burnt orange and mustard.

Natural substances

This trend is not necessarily new, but it will continue in 2020: furnishings are increasingly being made from natural materials. These include linen, cork, coconut fibres, rattan or seagrass. There are now also tiles that imitate the look and feel of these materials and look deceptively real like parquet or wood.

There are also natural colours such as sand, clay or terracotta that bring nature into the home. Everything is more and more related to nature.


Because we're on the subject of natural fabrics right now: Bamboo is all the rage in 2020. This also has to do with people's increased awareness of sustainability, because bamboo is the perfect eco-material. It looks like wood and is used more and more in built-in furniture, as flooring or on patios, but actually it is very fast-growing grass. Nevertheless, bamboo is very robust and hard and, thanks to its rapid growth, sustainable in cultivation. The perfect eco-material.

Kitchens with more colour

White kitchens continue to be popular. These are usually contrasted with patterned or coloured worktops or tiles. Wood is also becoming increasingly popular because it makes the kitchen more comfortable. But the trend towards more colour is also slowly becoming established in the kitchen. Gentle pastel shades, various shades of green such as sage or lime green as well as cream, grey and brown tones are popular.

A living bathroom

Baths are coming into focus this year. Instead of white tiles, there are now bathrooms with natural stones such as slate. The use of the colours dark purple, beige and soft green completes the elegant look of these bathrooms. In addition, opulent wallpapers, atmospheric lighting and metallic highlights made of brass or gold are used. In combination with many different wooden elements, they bring a cosy flair to the bathroom - the key word here is living bathroom. And that's only logical because sooner or later you'll find living room trends in the bathroom too.

Focusing on the entrance area

The entrance area is also in focus this year. Wallpaper materials with floral patterns, green plants or strong wall colours are in trend. The colours used are shades of blue and green, which radiate well-being and tranquillity.

Japanese Scandinavia

A mix of Scandinavian and Japanese design elements will appear more and more in the interior this year. Although Japan is geographically far from Scandinavia, there are many similarities, which is why the two styles compliment each other wonderfully. The sophistication and subtle elegance of the Japanese furnishing style emphasise the rustic nature of the Nordic. Conversely, the Nordic gives the Japanese more warmth.