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Discover our top name home accessory and furnishing brands and designers.

Take a look through our many tasteful home decorating brands and designers here at InStyleDeco. 

Home accessories from high quality brands! Discover beautiful home furnishings with home accessories by Fink Living, Zoeppritz, Pierre Frey, Eagle Products, Carl Mertens, Fleur Ami and Winter Home.

Next, run your eyes over home accessories such as bedspreads and decorative cushions by Zoeppritz, Winter Home, Eagle Products, and Pierre Frey- all the perfect little extras for a cozy home. Enjoy the quality of Eagle Products blankets-  Made in Germany!

Planters, vases and unique seating options by Fink Living and Fleur Ami offer unique quality and design to your floral decorations, for an even better effect.

Get to know the candlesticks, lanterns, bowls and decorative items by Fink Living and Carl Mertens. The little touches will bring your home to life!

Finally, delve into tableware and stylish silverware by Fink Living, Pierre Frey and Carl Mertens. Enchant your guests and your loved ones with stylish cutlery and table accessories.