Colour trends 2020: Comeback of the colourful

Colour trends 2020: Comeback of the colourful

When it comes to furnishings, colours are making a big comeback this year. Here we show you what colours are in for 2020.

More complexity

In the past few years there has always been a colour that has dominated a trend, in 2020 it will be a little more complex. The keyword is colour combinations; so it will be colourful and vibrant with contrast. The way in which the colours are combined is a delicate undertaking. Too much of one colour and the harmony is destroyed. However, if you strike a good balance, every room becomes wonderfully homely.

Colour triumvirate and analogy

Many colour mixtures are based on three colour contrasts (sometimes five) in which primary and secondary colours are combined. Such a classic colour triumvirate would be, for example, red, yellow and blue.

Analog harmonies will also dominate 2020. This simply means that neighboring colours are combined in the colour wheel, such as. blood red with wine red and dark orange.

Let's take a closer look at a few colour combination trends:

Warm colours

Warm harmonies are at the top of the list of colour combinations. For example, the colours blood red, mustard and orange are combined, but also burgundy or golden brown. This creates a lively, energetic room in which one likes to linger.

Cool combinations

The cooler colour spectrum focuses on green tones. Here, linden and almond green are mixed with yellow tones to create a little more warmth.

Classic remixed

Real colour classics are also combined to create new, exciting impressions. Earthy shades such as mustard yellow, brown, beige and sienna are mixed here so that they exude harmony and warmth. Contrasts with Bordeaux and green, combined with blue, beige, anthracite or olive, also look good.

Spring-like fine

Contrasts that exude a hint of spring are created this year with khaki, olive, pink, mustard, peach and orange. These colour combinations create the impression of a flower meadow and awaken feelings of spring.

Delicate blue

In contrast to the past, when the colors blue and orange created a relatively aggressive contrast, there are now less aggressive contrasts. Peacock blue and denim are combined this year with powder tones, sienna and brown tones, creating a more harmonious contrast.

Earthy tones are and remain in

Earthy tones, which visually create a connection to nature, remain very trendy.