Feng Shui in the Living Room

The living room is used in many ways. Some people use it as a meeting point at for family and friends, others work there. In some households people eat in the living room, in others it is used for relaxation. The living room often has multiple functions. It is a place of rest, a place of entertainment and a meeting place. A harmonious and atmospheric ambience lends itself to this important space and creates balance and harmony. The following are the best tips for a harmonious living room, in which the "Chi" can flow freely:

  • The amount of furniture should be adapted to the room size. A small room should not be overfilled. This guarantees that the energy flow is not disturbed. Levels can contribute to an optical expansion of space.
  • The table and chairs have their backrests against a wall. The view should go into the room or out the window. 
  • The center of the room should remain free. It can be visually emphasized with round carpet. The space exudes strength and peace.
  • Corners and edges of walls and furniture, can be covered up with plants to contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Light islands contribute to vitality and harmony. Instead of single, large overhead lights, it is advisable to have several smaller light sources. Indirect lighting is optimal especially when watching TV. Multiple light sources create a balance between light and dark, and have a positive effect on the mood.
  • The living room should not satisfy too many different purposes. This disrupts the flow of energy, the energy is confused.
  • The color scheme is important. If the living room used for entertainment or to eat, we recommend the colors red, orange and white. If you want to work there, however, blue, green and white should be dominant. In principle, a room exudes tranquility with earthy tones and off-white. To keep a room from being boring, colorful accessories can be used. In spring and summer use fresh lime green, earth tones and delicate lilac as colors. Red, orange and purple are rich additions in autumn and winter.