Scandinavian Interior Design Trends for Autumn / Winter 2016

Check out these fun new trends from Scandinavia! Strong colors mixed with copper and gold tones characterize these styles. 

Here are the specific trends:

  • Brass is in.
    Whether tabletops, candlesticks, or mirrors, this fall, you can't escape this fascinating metal. A nice bonus- over time brass forms a patina that radiates both individuality authenticity.

  • Color is back!
    Dive into strong colors like mint green, indigo, burgundy, pale violet and emerald green.

  • Velvety-soft feels
    Velvet is all the rage, and so are super soft fabrics. Get your hands on cozy fabrics in bold colors. 

  • Tables, tables, tables,
    Right now style is all about the surfaces. A simple, uncomplicated look plus natural materials and handmade ceramics and glasses are evidence of this modern sense of style.

  • Natural look
    Natural materials for decorations, lamps and furniture exude charm and classic comfort in a pleasant contrast to minimalist decor.  Bamboo furniture and rattan deco are a good start.

  • Linen returns!
    Napkins, tablecloths or aprons - linen is lightweight, easy to clean and in. 

  • Open shelves
    Shelves with sides are a thing of the past. Today they have open sides, which makes for a light, airy feel and makes rooms appear larger.

  • Large plants
    Still in vogue: plants. Simply follow your personal taste, because it does not matter which plants you have in your home. Whether you use a minimalist approach or add a jungle to your living room - green up your home!

  • Patterns are out
    Duvets, pillows and cushions are heading toward small and medium-sized designs. Large graphic patterns are currently experiencing a strong decline in popularity.

  • Comfort
    Benches and chairs are a must in the home. Whether in the living room, bedroom or nursery, make sure you have somewhere comfy to relax.