Simple Decoration Tips for a Stylish Party

Here are nine simple decoration tips to give your next party some extra oomph! Simple and quick to make, these fun design ideas are just the ticket for stylish decoration.  

Small white paper lanterns and beautiful white lights

This gives any party a touch of exclusivity. A modern white color always looks very classy.

Large wooden beads in glass cylindrical vases

Group an odd number of large wooden beads in vases. This is easy to make and looks nice.

Large images are stylish.

Hang a large picture on your wall. Don't have any pictures? No problem. Instead, you can simply hang a framed poster or a photo collage.

Uncomplicated flower arrangements

Elaborate flower arrangements aren't always better than simple ones. Large arrangements may add extra stress when you want to focus on your party. Just choose a vase with good character and group their flowers as you would see them in nature. 

Carnations in glass jars and bottles

The key to stylish floral decoration with carnations is simple: stick with a single color, place one carnation in a glass or a bottle and group the bottles or vases together for a fresh arrangement.

Bring in fresh greens

Plants are currently very popular. Use them as party decorations to bring freshness and life into the room. This makes your space appear more vivid and modern.

Warm wood for white spaces

Spaces that are mostly white often look sterile. Warm wood tones help! Armchairs and chairs in different styles and colors also add vitality to your home. The main trick is then to select one style for visually dominant chairs. The less dominant chairs can be all different styles.

Simple and delicious snacks

If you're having an afternoon event, cake is a good solution to snacks, as long as it looks and tastes good! Remember that the presentation is just as important as the flavor! With a couple of drinks on hand, you'll have everything you need. If your party starts later in the evening when most people have already eaten, choose rich but simple snacks that are nicely presented.

Paper lanterns 

To generate an eye-catcher, group together paper lanterns.

We hope you've enjoyed our tips! Now get out there and enjoy your event :)