A Wintry Mood with the Right Decorations

Outside the days are getting chillier, but for lots of us the snow has not yet arrive. Just because things don't look so wintery outside, doesn't mean we can't enjoy winter at home! Here are our decoration tips to create a little winter atmosphere at home.

Tip 1: Light

Since it gets dark earlier in winter, you can affect the mood in your home perfectly with light. Warm light fits perfectly. Plus, what adds more warm light than a candle? Candles create a welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively, you can also use LED tea lights if candles are too dangerous (if you have infants, pets, etc.).

Tip 2: Swap Your Colors

As we all know, color has a huge effect on the mood. Curtains and bedding are easy to quickly swap out. Red and green make for very cozy choices, as do white, silver, gold and blue. Make your home into a winter wonderland!

Tip 3: Wintery Motives

This tip is self-explanatory. A wintry mood is created using wintry motives. Choose what you like, whether you go for a shabby-chic wicker or add shiny ribbons or velvety bows. This allows you to decorate virtually everything from lamps to doorknobs.

Tip 4: Christmas Dishes

Christmas motifs create a comfortable atmosphere. If you have holiday dishes, get them out! It's the little things that bring out the Christmas Spirit!

Tip 5: Dry Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are perfect in the spring and summer, but in the winter they do not quite fit the mood. Dry arrangements are the perfect solution and are easy to make yourself. Fill an empty flower vase with just a few branches, hang a few glass beads on them and decorate them with ribbons. Done. You can also use wreaths, of course.

Tip # 6: Lots of Little Things Have a Big Impact!

Let your imagination run wild! A few little pieces can have a great effect.  As food for thought, we have a few suggestions:

  • Use lanterns with candles in them.
  • Decorate your home with pine cones, or with gold highlights
  • Display throw pillows with winter themes
  • Use green branches as table decoration
  • Hang a beautiful green wreath on your door.