Sleep Easier with these Tips!

Good sleep is important. Without enough sleep, our health starts to suffer, as does our performance and mood. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from the effects of poor sleep. Bedroom furniture is often responsible for these results. 

Sleep problems and disorders are on the rise. Today, every third human sometimes experiences sleep problems, and every tenth has chronic sleep problems. 

Good sleep has many causes, but our bedroom furniture plays a large role. Even though we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, we often neglect our bedroom environments. 

Decorative elements such as furnishings, lighting, colors and equipment often play a role in sleep. 

Basic Tips:

To find peace, our mind needs order and structure. It's hard to relax in a messy room. Keep a pleasant atmosphere and avoid clutter. 

The Bed:

The quality of your bed has a lot to with the quality of your sleep. Try out what kind bed is the best for you. Look for the right size so that there is enough space, (You should have 20 cm of room left when you stretch out). Lastly, select the correct hardness for the mattress.

The Colors:

Choose discreet but warm colors and buy matching furniture. This creates a soothing atmosphere.

The Decorations:

Less is more. Leave out complicated designs and hang up some pictures from your vacations. 

The Temperature:

We sleep best at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Air out your bedroom regularly. This improves the indoor climate and quality of sleep.

The Light:

Blue light keeps you awake, disrupting the body clock. White light with 2700-3300 Kelvin should prevail in the bedroom. 

The Devices:

If you sleep poorly technical equipment is often to blame. Avoid TVs, computers, phones etc. They produce electromagnetic pollution in the form of low- and high-frequency radiation and interfere with sleep. If you have to have technology, turn it all the way off and leave it unplugged.