Which Material Should Garden Furniture Have?

Looking for garden furniture but don't know what to choose? First, you should choose the material.

There are five materials with which you should consider when buying new garden furniture: wood, plastic, wicker, wrought iron and aluminum. Each of the materials mentioned has advantages and disadvantages. They also characterize the flair that you want your garden to exude later.


Wooden furniture is always kind of rustic and natural. For a cozy atmosphere, wood is a great choice. Like the classic wood look? Warm woods like teak, larch or oak add a great feeling but you can also opt for the silvery-gray look that tends to tell a story with its patina.
Wooden furniture is expensive to care for as it is a natural material that is weathers with time.
Maintanence is definitely important. With warm coloured wood, the furniture should be painted with wood oil three times a year (spring, early summer and before winter storage). With the patina look, caused by the sun and the weather, rub the wood once a year with the rough side of a pot cleaner and warm water. This makes the patina uniform. You can also just leave this furniture outdoors. A disadvantage of wooden furniture is that it tends to be heavy. 


Plastic is stylish and versatile. For a modern look, plastic furniture is a must. Today they are available in all sorts of designs, designed by renowned designers. Plastic is very easy to maintain and is weather resistant by nature. Cover the furniture during winter.


This material is perfect for the lounge-style look. Wicker, ie braided synthetic fibers, give your garden an urban, casual look. This furniture is perfect for loungey corners and conjures up a relaxed atmosphere in the garden. The range of models, from chairs to outdoor beds, is great. For every taste there is also a matching wicker furniture piece. Then there is the ease of maintenance. Just cover it during winter.

Wrought Iron

Looking for a touch of romance? Like the feel of a typical French sidewalk cafe? Garden furniture made of wrought iron would be a first choice. This furniture is wind and weather proof, no matter what comes their way. The downside is that the furniture is very heavy. Maintenance is very easy. Use mild soap, water and a cloth, finished. To keep the rust from gnawing at the iron, you should store these pieces away during the winter or at least cover them.
Tip: also perfect for the industrial look. Simply select an appropriate design.


Is a multifunctional outdoor area a heaven for you? Then you will love aluminum garden furniture. Due to its low weight it is very versatile. A wide range of different styles, often in conjunction with other materials, such as wood or plastic, is perfect. Whether classic or modern, there are many styles. Buy powder-coated and UV-resistant furniture with clean welds. Seat cushions are a good idea because aluminum is very hot in the sun.