A closer look at rooms: The entry hall

A closer look at rooms: The entry hall

The key turns in the lock and the front door opens. You are finally back home. Welcome, the entry hall is always the first room you see.

The hall is a familiar space, we know it, we see it every time we go outside or come back home. However often we see it, it is always underestimated. It's just there, mostly a place to stow jackets and shoes.

But it should not be underestimated, because it takes on an essential role in every house and apartment: it is responsible for the first impression. It is the calling card of the four walls that you call home. It therefore always has a certain character, which it shows to every guest. That is why we should give it the appreciation it deserves.

But that is easier said than done. Because how do you make an entry hall shine? How do you create an unforgettable first impression with expression? Here are a few ideas and suggestions to make the hallway effect more impressive.

The floor

There is often tiled flooring in the hall. You should also dare to lay a hard-wearing parquet floor - it doesn't matter whether it is modern oak or a classic star parquet. You shouldn't worry too much about wear, either. Wood can withstand more than you might think and over time it creates a wonderful patina with its own character.

As an alternative to wood, a terrazzo floor or concrete tiles with old patterns are an idea. These are very resistant to moisture and dirt. A hard-wearing runner is also worth considering. Sisal is the ideal material here.

The walls

The design of the walls in the anteroom is particularly important because they are usually not very large. However, the walls have a lot of space and give the room character. The smaller the hall, the more spectacular you can choose the wallpaper or the wall colour. You can also combine both, i.e. wallpapers with a matching colour. Here you have free choice and can give your hall a unique look. The ceiling is often forgotten. Who ever said that it had to be white?


In an anteroom you need a shelf, that much is clear. Who has never looked for the car keys or the shopping list? If there is a console near the entrance door with a shelf, this problem can be solved. There is also space for the post while you take off your shoes.

You just have to decide whether this console is small and unassuming or has character, such as an old sideboard with drawers and a long history.

Sometimes a stool is a good idea or a small bench, preferably in striking colours. This good piece helps us to take off backpacks, briefcases and handbags without taking up space. You can also sit down after a hard day and take off your shoes. As a material, soft velvet or leather are an option if you want a little eye-catcher.

The coat rack

Of course, a coat rack or hanger should not be missing. Whether this is a better coat hook or a complete piece of furniture depends first of all on the space available. Once this has been clarified, you can decide depending on your personal taste. It can be a modern piece, or something classic. You are spoiled for choice.

The mirror

Never forget a mirror in the hall. This is not only practical for a last checking look before leaving the apartment but a mirror also enlarges the room, which is always an advantage in the mostly small hall. Stylistically you have all options: modern or old, Venetian or puristic...

The overall impression

The most important thing about the anteroom is, of course, that it reflects your own style and fits the rest of the apartment. There are no limits to your imagination and you can let off steam. Also, you may like to set personal notes, for example with old vases or an old mirror. That gives this room even more character.