Tips for a nice entrance area

Tips for a nice entrance area

The outer entrance area is something like the business card of the owners. It provides a first impression and therefore influences the expectations of guests. Because the first impression counts, you should not only plan the furnishing of the living room and the like, but also the outer entrance area.

Front yard & path

If you own a house, the design of the entrance area doesn't start at the door, but the front garden and the path. This raises the question of how inviting your home looks at first glance. A planted front garden is more inviting than one that is completely paved or concrete.

If you have a house entrance that goes out to the front, you have a lot of design options. You could make the entrance area look representative or plant it lavishly. Here you can really incorporate your personal taste, then this area already gives a taste of the furnishing style of the house. It is only important that the way to the entrance area is emphasised and clearly recognisable.

Entrance door and porch

The effect of the entrance area depends on the entrance door because it is the goal of all guests. It should not only look beautiful, but it should also be secure and well protected from weather if possible to guarantee safety and comfort for your guests.

The material used for the door is primarily wood, aluminium, stainless steel or plastic, or any combination of these.

But also think of the other fixed points in the entrance area, such as the house number, the bell, a mailbox, the doormat or any canopy above. There are countless variations for each of these elements and again you can adapt everything to your style. It is only important that you do not forget about the practicality for the design. A tiny mailbox in a fancy design might look good, but it's not practical if there isn't enough space for everything.

If you still have some space left, it is a good idea to place plants in beautiful pots. A little green never hurt and flowering plants can prettily cover the whole area.


Inside, with the right lighting, you can work wonders and completely change the way you look. The same applies to the entrance area. Depending on what conditions you have, the lighting will of course change. If there is no canopy, wall lights are ideal. With a canopy you can also use recessed lights. It is important that these light sources are weatherproof. Motion detectors are good for such lights because then you don't have to look for the light switch in the dark. In this case, you should also choose energy-saving light sources such as LEDs, because it happens from time to time that animals trigger the motion detector at night - and then you save on electricity bills.

The light around the entrance area should be friendly and inviting but at the same time bright enough not to trip in the half-light. Any obstacles, such as steps or bumps, should be clearly visible when the light is on. Of course, you should also illuminate the way to the door if it is a longer path. Here, solar lamps are an energy-saving, yet beautiful choice, and offer diverse choices.