Candlesticks: Elegant Decorations

Candles: these simple tools have gone from a meaningful light source to a tasteful decoration throughout the course of history. Regardless of how you use them, candles make for versatile decorative elements.

Until the 20th century, candlesticks were found in all households. Their story begins long ago when multiple armed candlesticks were often used in daily life. They were later replaced with tallow or oil lamps.

The menorah, a seven candlestick lamp, has strong meaning for both history and present-day life. In Jerusalem, this candle holder has been used since the 5th Century BC. Over time, the menorah became one of the symbols of Judaism.

In the Christian Middle Ages, people used a seven-branched candleholder because it was described as being seen in a biblical Temple in the Bible. In every church during this time period, you would find a candlestick with seven arms.

As of the 15th Century, two armed candlesticks were used as table lighting. In the 18th century,  candelabras with the right embellishments found their way as festive decorations. With the advent of electric lighting, the candelabra lost its significance as a light source, but not its significance as a decorative element.

Effective, fine decorations

The best thing about candlesticks is their incredible diversity. They come in all shapes, materials and variations so you can easily find a match for your decor. They give any room a homey atmosphere, and produce warm, rich light and make for low-cost decorative elements.

You can also easily combine several types of candles, styles and variations together for a great effect. 

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