Choosing the Right Carpet

Carpets provide cosiness and can give dull rooms that certain something. Here are our recommendations and tips for making the right carpet choice. 

Carpets come countless styles. Oriental rugs alone can fill entire books. In addition, carpets can be both statement pieces or inconspicuous supporters or even eyecatchers. Of course, they do need regular cleaning and brushing, but these are relatively easy chores. Tiles and parquet flooring can look uncomfortable and sterile. They often lack life. Rugs can bring a little liveliness back into your space.


When it comes to choosing materials, we are often spoiled for choice. There are so many different materials available, each with specific advantages and disadvantages.

Carpets made of woven natural fibers are elegant and should be used in combination with the appropriate decorations.

Shag carpets or deep pile rugs make a room warmer and more comfortable. They are therefore particularly suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

In contrast, short-pile rugs are ideal for the dining room. They are cool and easy to clean.

Weatherproof plastic carpets are perfect for use outdoors. 


What's the most common mistake when buying carpet? It's too small. To prevent this from happening, measure, measure, measure before buying.. If your carpet is too big, it makes your room look small, but if it is too small, it gets lost in your room. 

Start by measuring the shortest wall in the room. Choose a carpet about 60 centimeters shorter than this wall, and don't forget the doors. The carpet should not obstruct your doorways. 

If you have a stand alone couch, you can choose to center a small carpet  in front of the couch, or buy a large one and put the couch on top of it. It should be large enough to show at least ten centimeters to the right and the left of the couch. 

In the dining room, the carpet should be fitted to the room. It does not look good if your chairs don't have room on the carpet. The carpet should be at least 70 centimeters longer and wider than the table.


Adjust the carpet to your other decor. A bad carpet can be a real eyesore. Take your time when choosing and selecting a style fashion.

If you have simple decorations, feel free to choose a bolder design for your carpet. However, if you already have bold decorations, consider a solid color for your carpet. 


Carpets can provide contrast or subtle underlining, depending on what is desired. For a harmonious overall picture, choose a carpet in the same color family as your decorations.  Remember that you should not use more than three colors in a room.

The living room can have a carpet that is slightly lighter or darker than the couch. If the latter color is very plain, consider a more colorful carpet. If you have a patterned or colorful sofa, choose a more subdued carpet color.  

Lighter colors make a room look bigger, darker make it look rather smaller. Think of the effect the color will have before choosing it. 

Shape and orientation

Standard carpets are rectangular. Nevertheless, there are a number of different shapes to choose from. Basically, you can choose what you like. Remember that if you choose too many different shapes, the room may be hard to relax in.

WHen it comes to where to put your carpet, you can choose freely. Place the carpet diagonally for dynamism and tension. In you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere, align it with the walls. 


The main principle in choosing the right carpet comes down to: choose what makes you happy!