Purism - Clear Statements with Effect

Purism is one of the newest trends in living, although it can hardly be called a new idea. Nevertheless, this trend in interior design has experienced another boom lately. Let's look at what lies behind this millennia-old interior style.

Purism is characterized by subtlety and understatement. It is not merely a decorative style, but could be described as a kind of philosophy. The focus is on the principle that "less is more". This manifests itself in simple design decisions. Here emphasis is placed on simplicity, elegance and timelessness. What sounds like it could be boring and dull, is just the opposite if done properly.

Purism was invented 2000 years ago in ancient Rome. Functionality was the motto at that time. Every piece of furniture had to be as useful as possible; not a single useless thing was found in their homes. In Roman houses they didn't have many furnishings, but were in favor of exceptional quality.

Now, what should be considered for purist decoration?

  • Form: Purism is basically defined by straight lines contrasted with curved and round accents. Maintaining the continuity of your lines is important because it makes the difference between a room that impresses and a room that gives the impression of being cold and distant. The composition of each element plays a central role.

  • Material: High-quality natural materials are the best choice to convey the message of purism. Attention should be paid to two things: the structure of the material should be simple, and the quality of the materials should be high. 

  • Color: Most rooms are dominated by a color that works discreetly in the background. Contrast this color with accessories that set individual highlights and thus serve as an eye catcher.
    It is also possible to use color combinations (eg white / gray / black) for special optical effects.

  • Decoration: Here there two differing opinions. One opinion maintains that real purism does not tolerate decoration. The other opinion focuses on a few selected decorative elements so effective accents can be shown off. Mostly plants or modern art may be used as highlights under this school of thought.

If these points are taken into account, one can achieve a powerful effect with interior design. A clear atmosphere is created that exudes tranquility. These methods also create the perfect balance between cautious decoration and unique, eye-catching highlights.

The purist style of furnishing a space acts as a balancing counterweight to today's increasingly hectic life. That is also the reason why purism is popular once again.