Fresh Ideas for Spring Decorations

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about decorations. When nature starts to wake up, it is time to spruce up the house and apartment again! Bring in the spring mood!

Tip No. 1 is quite logical: use plants, plants, and more plants! Try planting them in coarse glasses, plain clay pots or white bottles. Floor vases look good too. Thus, you'll bring spring into your home! Wildflowers are extremely trendy right now and look great in all kinds of planters. 

Remember that the height and size of the planter should match the content. Consider the size when you consider where you want to use the planter. A huge vase with a huge bouquet looks out of place in a corner. 

Match the shapes and lines of the flowers and planters, and also with the lines in your home. In rooms with high ceilings, taller planters and dramatic lines look better. 

If you would like an eye-catcher, combine spring flowers with contrasting colors. You can combine flowers with fruit, to attract more attention. Soft colors fit perfectly into a cozy atmosphere, or bring color and contrast to a monochrome color scheme in a modernly furnished home.

Nostalgic vintage pieces are also in fashion. Do you have old suitcases, tools or metal objects lying around?  Put them to use! Many things can be repurposed to make vases or spring decorations. Even handmade things look nice as spring decorations.

Intense colors are the glory of the spring, so think about bringing in new pillows and cushions in bring colors for your living room. Bright colors and unusual patterns add a cheerful mood. In the kitchen, think about matching tablecloths with spring designs. You could also think about new curtains in pastel colors and a spring wreath for the front door. The bedroom offers can be decorated with spring inspired linens. 

If the weather is bad and flowers are blooming yet, decorate with orchids. Depending on the mood you want to achieve, think about colors, lines and spaces.  When it comes to appropriate colors, anything goes, as long as you like it!