The garden trends for summer 2020

The garden trends for summer 2020

This year there are exciting new trends in the garden that dispel boredom and make everyday life a bit more exciting. There is a lot going on this year, from sustainability to urban gardening to the self-catering trend. Let's take a closer look at the most important trends.

Garden as a place of relaxation and tranquillity

In 2020, the garden will clearly become a place of rest and relaxation, where you can retreat at any time (in good weather) and forget everyday stress. A garden should not only be a place of work, but also serve as an oasis that provides new energy.

So that you can really relax, you should choose the plants so that they require little maintenance. Automated garden tools (keyword smart garden) such as robotic lawnmowers or irrigation systems are also a good idea to have less work. Swimming ponds, pools and whirlpools are also found in more and more gardens. The trend towards wellness in your own garden is now also reflected in the fact that there is a large number of products in all price ranges.

Self-sufficiency trend

Growing and harvesting your own vegetables, fruits, etc. is becoming extremely popular again this year. This grow-your-own trend has been growing massively for years, after all, there is nothing healthier and more delicious than fresh vegetables from your own garden.

If you also want to start with self-sufficiency, you should first plan well which foods you want to grow and check whether the site conditions match and make adjustments if necessary.

Outdoor living

The trend towards outdoor living is very interesting. It is now becoming increasingly common for people to place an outdoor kitchen in the garden, for example. This does not just mean an elaborate grill, but actually a complete kitchen. Of course, you should adapt the kitchen to your own wishes. If you only plan to grill in the garden, a grill is enough, instead of a full kitchen. In addition, an outdoor kitchen must be protected against the weather conditions, which is why the location (keyword wind) and a roof should always be considered.

An outdoor living room will also be found in many gardens this year. Luxurious lounge furniture offers a real feel-good atmosphere. Think sustainably when choosing materials and choose natural materials instead of plastic. That adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Indoor garden

Indoor gardening is also becoming increasingly popular. All kinds of plants can be kept in your own four walls, from the banana plant to the classic tomato plant. You just have to make sure that the plant also feels comfortable at that location. Otherwise, the harvest will not be very lavish.

Urban gardening or gardening in a small space

People in cities are also growing more and more themselves. Urban gardening has been a trend for years and will remain so this year. Since there is only a limited amount of allotment gardens in cities, manufacturers have been offering many creative ideas for growing plants in the smallest of spaces for some time now - whether on the small balcony or even on the wall. With these new possibilities, even city balconies can be turned into green oases.

If you don't have a lot of space, it is very important to choose the right plants. Slow and low growing genera offer themselves here.

Sustainable plant choice & save water

The topic of sustainability does not stop at the garden either. First of all, this is about sustainable plant selection, i.e. plants that have an ecological benefit. Bee-friendly plants such as lavender, for example, that promote pollination should be mentioned here. But all other plants that attract beneficial organisms are also welcome. The number of pests can be reduced in a completely natural way.

Also, think about sustainability when fertilising and use organic fertilisers without chemicals. You can also always use what is already there by collecting rainwater or creating your own compost heap.

Another important topic is saving water. At times when climate change is really picking up speed, it can happen that there is no rain for a very long time. Then saving water becomes a necessity. You can get a lot out of this with the choice of planting and garden planning. For example, lavender, sunflower and spurge need little water.

Naturally grown fruits and vegetables are also sustainable, which is why this trend very well complements the trend towards self-sufficiency.

Animal welfare

There are many animals that live in the garden and are worth protecting. These include ants, bees, hedgehogs, moles and also birds. Of course, these animals need a suitable habitat and a food supply that meets their needs. Here you can actively do something and plan the garden accordingly or plant the right plants. In addition, insect hotels are a good idea.

Also, think about any pets. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides can harm dogs and cats. If you prefer natural organic fertilisers, you are on the safe side.