Tips for Delicious Grilled Food

Tips for Delicious Grilled Food

Everyone enjoys grilling - usually it's outdoors, the weather is great, everyone's having fun - what's not to like? But what is the best type of grill to use? Gas, coal or electric? Although there are many hotly debated issues about grilling, everyone agrees on one subject: for a truly delicious taste the decisive factors are the quality of the food to be grilled and the right choice of spices and seasonings. Here are some important tips to make this year's grilling season a culinary highlight.

The basics

Don't let the name put you off. Yes, these are basic tips, but they are crucial for successful grilling. Fortunately, they are easy to follow.

  • Make sure that the meat is always at room temperature when it is placed on the grill. Meat that goes straight from the refrigerator onto the grill tends to become tough.
  • Make sure the grill is at the right temperature when you place the meat on it. This helps the spices develop their roasted aroma to the fullest and make the food taste absolutely delicious.
  • Always season the meat BEFORE grilling and never after. The longer the spices soak into the meat, the better it tastes in the end.
  • Marinate or not? Opinions are divided, but there are many professionals who say that oil should definitely not be used on grilled meat. The reason: the oil "pulls" protein, which dries out the meat. Also, oil dripping on the hot coals creates smoke which is not good for health. So try grilling without adding oil and compare the results.

More tips:

  • Poultry can be unexpectedly and sensationally delicious with smoked spices. There are also a number of different salts available, each with different but excellent results.
  • Insider tip for fish: season fish with cumin or ground orange blossom for a unique taste. Of course, you can also experiment with the countless blends of spices available these days.
  • Never pierce steaks with a fork while grilling. The meat will lose all of its juices and becomes dry.
  • To add to visual appeal make sure to provide visual variety. You can use black salt, for example, or grill on a ready-made (stone) salt plate.
  • Spice mixes are popular for good reason. They offer the perfect taste for certain grilled foods. They are a time-saving, yet delicious alternative, especially for grilled cheese or vegetables.

With this in mind: have fun experimenting and enjoy yourself.