Tuesday, 28. October 2014

Warm Colors to Keep Out the Cold

Colors set the mood, bring life into your home and help you leave the gray autumn weather outside. So how do you achieve the perfect feel-good factor in the living room without renovating or repainting the walls? - Our secret is decor!

One quick fix for escaping the stresses of everyday life is using well-placed  lamps. Whether hidden in corners or niches or placed on window sills - they make for the perfect bright ray of light on dark days! Switch off autumn depression with cheerful lighting. Additionally, candlesticks or tea lights also add a lot of character to rooms. The playful light and shadow of a flickering flame add coziness to any home.

Another way to add color is using accents, like attractive blankets, vases, pictures, or pillows. Pops of color bring a lot of good spirit to your home, making it a great escape and cozy refuge.

What color should you choose for your living area? Orange is said to stimulate the appetite and make you feel relaxed. Therefore focus on adding orange to your family room or dining area. Yellow is another great color, bringing the warmth of the sun into your home. It is suitable for any room and is also said to stimulate your mind. Moreover, it blends beautifully with dark colors like red. Red certainly makes for a pop of energy. Pink soothes the mind, blue feels peaceful and relaxing and green promotes creativity.

Violet or purple add elegance and flair, so the experts say, at least in small quantities. Unfortunately dark colors swallow a lot of light, so it is better to avoid large amounts of dark colors.