Living Like You're In A Palace

Who wouldn't want that? Who doesn't want to come home and be surrounded by pomp and glamor? You don't need a huge property, you just need to take note of a few tips, then you can stay glamorous even in a small apartment. Here are a few tips that are important to note for a glamorous style of living:

Crowning Chandeliers

No lamp has ever had the same effect as a royal, glamorous and pompous chandelier. A chandelier is the centerpiece of a glamorous establishment, because it simply brings opulence to every room. The color (silver, gold, black or white) is not so important.


Murals have been out in recent years but are celebrating a comeback and are perfect for adding new life to your walls. Additionally, Baroque pattern wallpapers are a must for a glamorous look. It is best to choose restrained colors, perhaps with a velvety texture. The sweeping patterns of these wallpapers decorate any room and are particularly suitable for the bedroom.

The Perfect Materials

A glamorous home is created using a subtle blend of exquisite materials and stylish design. Copper, chrome, gold and crystal are just a few places to start. Do not settle for cheap materials. Select velvet, velvet and more velvet. Whether you are looking for cushions, couches, chairs, carpets, tables, or candlesticks. Velvet is a cult classic and under no circumstances should be missing from your home. Combine different pieces of velvet in different colors. Rose or dusky pink fits perfectly with violet, for example.

Reflections Everywhere

The more reflective surfaces you have the better. Glamour is also produced by reflection. You can use are both mirrors and reflective surfaces. Mirrors should be large and have expansive frames in silver or gold. However, these do not have to hang on a wall, they look nice leaning against a wall or on a side table well. One keyword is "Sunburst Mirror": These mirrors are a perfect piece of furniture that should not be missed.

Mirrored surfaces should also be present in your house. Whether these reflective surfaces are part of drawers or the surface of a coffee table is not so important. The main thing to keep in mind is that everything should shine and reflect.

Exclusive Wall Decorations

Classic black and white photographs with glamorous designs are excellent. A strictly symmetrical arrangement of large images can also achieve the effect of a picture gallery.

Extravagant wall lights also make excellent decorations. The imagination knows no boundaries, from trendy new pieces to strange or traditional pieces, everything is permitted. Golden antlers in the living room show personality the same way that unique lamps do.

The Color makes the Pomp

A glamorous home lives in rich colors and luxurious shades. The best color choices are violet, purple, dark gray and black, beige, sand and gray shades. Highlights can be used with metallic colors like gold and silver. If the colors are generally too dark, you can use accessories in bright violet for individual accents. Gold decorative elements make particularly stylish accents. You can give items an antique look with a crackle or cracking glaze. These hand finished accessories are really unique pieces. This gives the whole home even more exclusivity.


Only the right decorative elements add the finishing touch and impact. In the bedroom, use fine linens and lots of pillows for more elegance. Pillows have to be placed in strict order on the bed. Noble table lamps lend another dimensional effect. Even old family photos in elegant frames and fresh flowers are great.

Do not forget to glitter cushions and fur blankets in the living room. Velvet curtains round out the whole house.

With this advice you can bring glamor to your home. Just remember, whatever you like, you should use. You can dare to make bold choices in style to create something unique.