Enjoy Summer Without Constantly Watering Your Plants!

Enjoy Summer Without Constantly Watering Your Plants!

The cleverly designed Lechuza® irrigation system keeps your potted plants supplied with water so you don't have to worry about them drying out in the summer.

Magnificent plants with minimal effort!

Home-grown, crunchy vegetables and glorious flowers on the balcony or patio? Who wouldn't want that? But it also requires some effort over the summer, namely watering - not too much and not too little. But what if it's time to leave for that long-awaited vacation? You might not want to bother the neighbours or friends with the task of keeping your plants watered, and even if you do, you only do so with a bad conscience. But now there's a solution to your dilemma - Lechuza®'s unique All-In-One System for plants. You can enjoy a carefree holiday while Lechuza takes care of keeping your potted plants optimally watered even on hot days.

Four components are needed for keeping your plants happy:

1. A high-quality planter with a plant liner

All Lechuza planters come with removable plant liners that can be easily taken out, planted and put back in. Made of robust polypropylene that is UV-resistant, frost-resistant and shatter-proof, the planters can withstand all types of weather and are lightweight as well as elegant.

2. Intelligent irrigation system

Lechuza® creates the optimal conditions for relaxed plant care with the patented sub-irrigation system. The generous water reservoir holds enough water to last for several days and will keep your plants reliably watered even on very hot days. The practical water level indicator shows at a glance when it needs to be watered again.

3. Optimum supply through nutrient-rich soil

Ideally, you should place your plant in the plant liner in Lechuza PON, a purely mineral plant substrate. It offers an optimal air-water ratio, and a stable pH value. It also acts as a reservoir for water, nutrients and fertiliser which are released as needed. Furthermore, its excellent drainage system prevents plant roots from getting waterlogged. Choose the variety of substrate best suited for your plant and use it alone or in combination with conventional potting soil.

4. Convenient, easy to use & eco-friendly

Not only practical but also sustainable! In addition to making their planters easy to use and very practical, Lechuza also places great importance on sustainability. The plant liners are made from 100% recycled materials while the sophisticated irrigation system works entirely without electricity.

Our conclusion:

Now you can enjoy your summer and even go off on vacation without worrying about your plants! Just remember to water generously before you leave, pick off dead or yellowed foliage and place the plants in a partly shaded spot if possible. This gives your plants the optimal conditions to stay healthy with minimal watering and without electricity! So just lean back and enjoy the summer - whether at home or on vacation!

Lechuza®: Lechuza® has known the secret of beautiful plants for over 20 years and manufactures award-winning designer indoor/outdoor planters from high-quality materials that go well with any style of decor. The planters which are sustainably manufactured in Germany set stylish accents and inspire with their sophisticated, patented irrigation systems.

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