Decorations & warm colours against those dull drab days

Decorations & warm colours against those dull drab days

Autumn is a beautiful season, with those radiant autumn leaves and magical evenings. Unfortunately, autumn is also the season of fog and rain and cloudy skies bathed in grey.

Colours help

For dull weather outside, colours can help us indoors. Colours bring life and make you feel good, they can make your own four walls attractive and create a real feel-good atmosphere.

But how do we increase the feel-good factor in our living spaces without having to undertake major remodelling or even alterations or having to repaint the walls? The smart and simple answer is decoration.

Wisely decorated

With the right decoration, effects and accents can easily and simply be set that will dispel the everyday stress. For example, placing a nice lamp in a corner or alcove or on the windowsills will give you the perfect, bright glow you often miss on dark days. It is quite simple: switch on the lamp and switch off the approaching autumn depression. The important thing is that you buy a light bulb that produces warm light. If you sit in the cold light, you will not be too happy.

Even candles and tealight stands help to create a feel-good atmosphere. The shadows cast by candles that softly flicker over the walls create liveliness in every room.

Now only radiant colours are missing, which set accents and bring individual cosiness into every room. This also works very well with pillows, blankets, vases or pictures. So you are looking forward to coming home to a cosy evening or a relaxing weekend - even on dull days.

Which colours to choose?

Finally, the only question is which colours we should choose for which living area.

Orange is supposed to have an appetite-stimulating effect and relieves heavy moods. Seen in this way, it is optimal in the dining area as well as in game rooms.

Also yellow is a great colour, but it also brings the sun in to the house. Yellow is suitable for any room, it harmonises very well with darker colours and stimulates the mind.

Forceful Red can be aggressive, but gentle shades of red can help to save on heating costs, because the colour gives energy and heat.

Some pink will soothe the mind in the bedroom.

Blue has a strong soothing, relaxing effect on most people.

Green is a color that promotes creativity.

Violet conveys, like purple, elegance and flair, as long as you do not exaggerate the colour. Unfortunately, dark colours always swallow too much light, which is why they should not be used too much in the winter months. Here cream and white are better alternatives.