Cosy winter atmosphere with the right decorations

Cosy winter atmosphere with the right decorations

It's getting really cold again. But unfortunately, the snow is a long time coming. But not to worry. Just because it doesn't look like a winter wonderland outside doesn't mean it can't look like it in your own four walls. Here are our decoration tips for the home to get in the winter mood.


With falling temperatures, the daylight decreases every year and the days become sensitively short. But precisely because it gets dark early, we can use the lighting to influence the mood. A warm light is perfect to make it cosy. And there's nothing like candles. The natural flickering creates a little more cosiness. If that is too dangerous for you, you can also use LED tea lights. These also “flicker” and create a feel-good atmosphere.

The right colour choice

Fortunately, “colouring” an apartment or a room is quick and easy. But the effect is much greater. As we all know, colours affect our mood. So if everything outside is just grey, you can actively counteract this with colours inside. Curtains and bed linen can be swapped quickly and a few colours are particularly suitable for winter. Red, green, white, silver, gold and blue all create, depending on your personal taste, a winter wonderland that is perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Winter motifs

Pictures influence us just like colours. If we choose winter motifs to decorate the apartment, they evoke beautiful memories of the past. We get into the winter mood all by ourselves. The selection is huge today!


If you have suitable tableware for the winter or Christmas, you shouldn't wait until the big holiday dinner before you pull it out. A winter motif on a teapot or something similar fits great now.

Dry arrangements

A classic in winter, fresh flowers often seem out of place at this time of the year. Dry arrangements are the perfect alternative and best of all, you can make these yourself too. Just go into the forest, get a few twigs, put them in an empty flower vase and hang glass balls and other all sorts on them. Alternatively, wreaths are also available.

Many little things work

It doesn't always have to be one large decorative piece. Even an apartment that is only decorated with thematically appropriate little things looks good, often even better. There are no limits to your imagination. You can put up lanterns with candles, decorate the apartment with fir and pine cones & lay out cushions with winter motifs, use brushwood as a table decoration and simply buy a beautiful door wreath. None of these things stand out individually, but together they are coherent and create a wonderful winter ambience.

In this sense: have a nice winter, happy holidays and a happy new year.