A closer look at rooms: The storage room

A closer look at rooms: The storage room

Everyone knows this room and it is always somehow in the back of their mind - because it should be tidied up at some point. It is this special room in every apartment, usually without a window, in which everything that is no longer needed ends up.

The storage room is the prototypical stepchild when it comes to furnishing an apartment. Bare walls stare reproachfully at you in the light of a lonesome, unflattering lightbulb.

A storage room is basically a great thing. You only notice that when you live in an apartment where it is missing - where there is not much storage space. But how this space is optimally used is a mystery to many. No wonder: there are countless furnishing guides for living rooms, bedrooms and the like, but none for storage rooms. But there are ways and means of turning this unused space into a beautiful, but above all, practical storage space that optimally meets your own needs.

What are my requirements?

This big question is at the beginning. You have to be clear about your requirements and needs and what the storage room should or can cover. Only if you know what the room is to be used for can you prevent it from degenerating into a material store where empty mineral water boxes or broken sports equipment gather dust. Most people will still use the storage room to store everyday items that you no longer want to see. That's perfectly fine as long as you made this decision consciously.

Visually uniform

The storage room usually connects to the entrance area of an apartment. So that the room does not look like a foreign object in the apartment, it should have the same flooring, regardless of whether it is wood, tiles or laminate. In this way, it forms a visual unit with the rest of the apartment.

The personal touch

When setting up, the storeroom is usually completely forgotten. But, of course, you can also put your own personal stamp on it. An appealing wall colour or a great wallpaper give the room personality.

Then there is the lighting, which is important in every room - even in the storage room. After all, you don't want to grope and search in the semi-darkness of a dim light bulb. Flat, ceiling-mounted lights are best. They only take up minimal space and so you can use the space right up to the ceiling. Spots built into the ceiling are also a good option.

Create storage space

The name says it all for the storage room - you want to stow things in it, whether it's clothes, shoes, sports equipment and appliances or just cleaning utensils. A tip to calm the mind: give everything you keep in the storage room its fixed place. So you always know where it is when you need it. Believe me, it will save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent searching.

Space for washing machine and other things?

If we think outside the box for a moment, the question arises, why not just put the washing machine and dryer in the storage room? Of course, this is not possible in every apartment and it requires a small structural measure so that all connections are in the storage room. But then you would have a lot more space in the bathroom. An alternative to think about.

With this in mind, we hope that you will create a practical storage room that is tailored to your needs, has a clearly defined task and is beautiful to look at. Have lots of fun with it.