Principles of Feng Shui

Principles of Feng Shui

Simple tips for better living

Do you want to make your four walls more comfortable and give your home a better atmosphere? Then Feng Shui is for you, because this Taoist doctrine from China is about the harmonization of man with his environment, through a special design of living spaces.

Here we would like to show you a few basic rules on how you can easily design your home according to the principles of Feng Shui without outside help. But do not worry, you do not have to go and buy gongs, Buddhas or anything else. At first, Feng Shui is about the little things that, on the whole, are very effective. Of course you can set up a Buddha if you want - nothing speaks against it; he just is not necessary for Feng Shui.

Love it

Principle number one is very simple: design all the rooms so that you like them. After all, it's your home and you should feel comfortable in it - so set it up like this.

Light is good

Working with light has a big impact. With the right light, you can breathe new life into dead spaces. The brighter the apartment, the better our mood during the day, the darker it is at night, the better we sleep. Incidentally, warm light with a high proportion of orange is best.

Do not forget about anterooms, corridors ... Everything should be bright and friendly.

Open curtains

Curtains should always be open during the day, at least partially. Through the "eyes of the house", the windows, a lot of chi comes into the rooms. Take advantage of this potential.

A free centre

Every space needs a free centre according to the principles of Feng Shui, because here the energy is distributed. If the centre is occupied, at least one other free area should be available.

Use scents consciously

Fragrances affect us, that's common knowledge. But why do we use it so seldom to make us feel better or calm down? Jasmine brightens the mind, lavender helps with stress. Use fragrances consciously.

Attention to mirrors

Mirrors can be used in many ways in Feng Shui. They expand spaces, protect against energy blockades and receive positive energy. The important thing is that you think about where to place the mirror best. The mirrors have the opposite effect in the wrong places.

Less is more

Feng shui is also about getting energy, called chi, to flow unhindered. However, a fully furnished apartment hinders the energy flow. Then it's time to clean up, clear out and clear out. Do not forget about the basement and attic. These are the places where the past is most present. Clean up everything you did not use in the last year (unless it has special emotional value for them). With this, all the objects no longer burden us.


Healthy green and colourful blossoms are good for space energy. If you do not have a green thumb, nature motifs in wall pictures work great too.

Create seating and retreat zones

The more seating and retreat zones you have in your home, the more comfortable it becomes. These zones are particularly important in the living room so that the family can meet there and guests are comfortable.

Step by step

Take it slowly, change one room after the other and here also step by step. So you can undo changes that do not bring the desired effect, again with little effort.