Steiner 1888

This week we're talking a closer look at Steiner 1888, the Austrian family company that has been producing top quality fabrics for 5 generations.

Whether a non-traditional loden blanket or modern woolen fabric, with Steiner 1888 you get the trendiest home accessories in the best quality. It is important to the company to address the social needs of the present, which is it complies with the legal requirements of environmental, health and safety laws.

The History

The company was founded by the Steiner family at the foot of the Dachstein mountain in 1888. The Loden products they produced have been in demand for many decades, as the family knew what the local mountaineers needed and wanted.

Franz Steiner, the great grandfather of the current managing director, took over the factory in 1910 and was himself an experienced mountaineer. He was famous for having climbed the infamous almost 1,000 meter vertical slope of Dachstein's south wall with his brother (This tour is still considered one of the most demanding in the Eastern Alps).
Today, in addition to classic loden products , the family makes quality home accessories. Their range includes fabrics, pillows, blankets, and more.

Ornate Fabric Production

The production of the materials is extremely costly. To prepare the raw wool for a blanket, more than 40 procedures are needed, many of which are still done by hand. The most important part of the production is the milling. This is a complex process that uses boiling water to compress the materials, so that even the thinnest blankets stay cuddly warm or cool. Special quality just requires special effort.

Even the selection of the raw material plays an important role in Steiner's products. All products by Steiner 1888 are made of real wool, whether it is from alpacas, angora rabbits, sheep or goats. They use genuine wool for a simple but important reason: its unique natural properties.

  • New wool is a totally natural product that grows steadily without wasting valuable resources in production (like synthetic fibers from petroleum derivatives).
  • Wool fibers are isolating because they store air and form an insulating layer, to keep you warm or cool.
  • New wool is very breathable and regulates moisture. Thus it is superior to synthetic fibers and cotton that absorb moisture.
  • New wool is stain-resistant, so it can be almost always be wiped clean. For stubborn dirt, you can wash the blanket in the wool wash cycle at 30 degrees.