Rediscovering "Useless" Houseplants

Houseplants are not only decorative, they also perform other functions! Here's a look at a few friends who do nothing special at all. 

Classic houseplants have lots of additional benefits, like improving indoor air or providing fruit, etc.. Urban gardening is also on the rise. That's interesting, but so are the "useless" houseplants. 

Cactus & Monsteras

These plants hang in baskets from the ceiling, stand in stylish clay pots on the ground or grace corners. Exotic indoor plants like cacti, monstera, and aloe vera. These unusual, exotic plants form the spearhead of the trend.

These plants were in as early as 1900 as a symbol of contemporary style, modernity and exoticism. In time they disappeared from home. 


Today these plants make perfect points of contrast. They stir up minimalist spaces and add a touch of unpredictability and oomph, they act as an optical grating trees, on which the attention can process.

You can even display these plants a centerpieces, showing off their unusual patterns. 

Patterns are the Rage

The fan leaves of Monstera plants are currently trending on wallpaper, linens, dishes and more, and cacti have appeared on all sorts of products. 

A Threatened Species

Please remember that almost a third of all cacti species are threatened with extinction. Although they are protected, the deserts and semi-deserts where they grow cannot be monitored properly because of their huge area, and are often in danger of smugglers. So please make sure to check the origin of the plants.

Even though cacti are considered easy care, they are not always so easy. Make sure you know what kind of plant you have, and what its needs are.