Don't Have Enough Space? Here are Our Solutions

Whether you have a small apartment or a large, live in shared by several people, chances are you have problems with space. Nevertheless, with the right means you can save a few square meters of storage space in your apartment.

The best way to save space is by planning when setting up.

Here are our tips:

  • In the kitchen, you should use all the corners and "fill" them with furniture. An unused corner can quickly be filled with a small cabinet, for storing cleaning supplies or food. Hanging shelves and pot racks also make more room. Hanging pots and pans on the wall, saves space on the shelves. This is worth considering, especially in small kitchens. Consider using a folding table in your kitchen to save space.
    It is important to use every centimeter. You could also close the gap between the ceiling and walls by installing additional cabinets.
  • There are always a few square meters of space that are unused under the bed. Buying a higher bed adding bed drawers or boxes to store things keeps dust from collecting under the bed and declutters your room.
    You could also consider a loft bed, or using a coffee table as a desk and table.
  • Multifunctional furniture is always a good idea. You would not believe how adding hinges to a seat makes a difference in storage space. This doesn't have to be expensive though.  Use a small chest of drawers, as a nightstand, or find a stool that can double up its use. A bookshelf can also be a wonderful room divider.
  • A lot of space gets lots under stairs and stairways. Consider adding customer drawers or a built in closet. You could add a built-in wardrobe, a wine or shoe rack in those space. In general, custom-made furniture offers more space, as it is perfectly adapted to the specific requirements.
  • A large closet provides additional storage space for linens, seasonal decorations (Christmas decorations) etc.
  • Do not forget the walls. Hang shelves and easily create space where there was none before.
  • Last but not least, pedestals are a great way to create decorative space. Columns also offer a lot of storage space and create an entirely new look in your home. Plus, it can make for a great effect.