Trendy in Autumn

Every year, autumn paints a colourful picture. With all these colours to choose from, it's a wonder that green is the colour of choice for this year's autumn trends!

Here are a look at the trends for Autumn 2016:

The Colours

This year, autumn is green, and it's hard to resist the beautiful, sheer green decorations. Green is known for having a calming effect in the home. Although it is indeed more often  associated with spring, it fits well in autumn. When the days get colder and the green shades of the natural world start to disappear, we can bring them back again in our own homes. Currently fashionable are green houseplants, moss, candles, decorative materials etc. 

In addition to green color, reds are currently as popular in different combinations as delicate pastel colours. The latter is especially ture for decorative accessories.

The Style

Modern is a natural look. Everything "handmade" is in right now because it exudes a kind of relaxed elegance.

Ethnic style is also trending: woven baskets, woolly, frayed carpets or makrame decorations are also fashionable this fall.

Motifs from the mountains and forests, such as deer patterns and accessories are big this year for the natural log-cabin look. Such accessories exude cozy comfort and country chic. Combine with materials such as fur, wood, etc.


Autumn is the perfect time to include nature as your inspiration for decorations. Whether you use gourds, leaves, chestnuts or flowers - they make for very creative combinations. Your creativity knows no limits!!