The Hottest Trends in Colours & Materials - 2022

The Hottest Trends in Colours & Materials - 2022

Trend colours and materials reflect the current lifestyle. In recent years, the home has become the centre of our lives more than ever and multifunctional too. It is now the office, conference room, gym and school. After the last couple of stressful years, colours that invite you to slow down and relax are much in demand.

The Colour Trends of 2022

Shades of Green

Green has been in vogue for a while now and this year will see a lot more of this colour in homes and apartments again. The colour palette is very wide and ranges from forest green and spring green to mint.

Green brings nature into your own four walls and cuts a fine figure in every location, whether out in the countryside or in the centre of the city. The colour invites you to linger and take deep breaths. For a touch of elegance, combine the green tones with gold.

Fresh Aquamarine

Blue is in this year too with a wide range of hues and shades from dark royal blue to subtle light blue.

Grey-blue is particularly trendy when combined with wood accents, beige tones or white.

Warming Red Tones

A particularly inviting sanctuary can be created by using warming red tones and combining them with earthy colours such as dark beige, terracotta, Bordeaux or various shades of brown. This creates a warm atmosphere that gives a feeling of security. Just make sure you never combine more than a maximum of four shades.

Wooden furniture goes perfectly with this colour combination, as long as all the furniture is made from the same type of wood. Soft textiles and bright carpets can be used to match.

Muted Pastels

Pastel shades have also been in trend for some time now. Apricot and lilac are the main focus this year. Both shades have so far been more at home in the fashion world, but in 2022 they are also very trendy in homes.

Soft shades such as rosé, lilac, lemon yellow, apricot and sky blue ensure an absolutely trendy character.

Grounding shades of grey and gold accents go well together here. The latter add a glamorous touch to a room if used in mirrors, vases or picture frames.

Calm Natural Tones

Soft natural tones are very much in demand in 2022 - from cream to cappuccino and everything in between. These colours also go perfectly with the currently popular Japanese and Scandinavian decor styles where simple elegance and a subtle, cosy look invite you to relax.

It is best to use tone-on-tone combinations here and avoid bright colours.

Materials Trending in 2022

This year, the materials that are trending are primarily natural and sustainable. Add to that minimalism and comfort. This is expressed in the following materials:


This classic material is currently experiencing a revival and is used in modern living spaces as an elegant eye-catcher with a retro look. Corduroy will increasingly appear again, especially in sofas and armchairs.


Bouclé, so popular in the fashion world, had pretty much disappeared from homes in the last decades. Now it is experiencing a comeback in interiors and is a pleasure to see and touch. The material is robust, durable, soft and sustainable.


In comparison to classic materials such as corduroy and bouclé, plush is an outsider. It is a modern and playful material that is still very comfortable. In 2022, plush will be seen mainly in seating, upholstery, blankets and such.

Natural Materials

Naturalness is in vogue not in colours in 2022 but also in materials. Natural materials such as stone, cork, wood, rattan, cotton, silk, linen ... are very much in.

Viennese Braid

This name is fairly unknown, but chances are that you've seen this material before. This is a special form of weaving made from rattan, which is mainly used for chairs and armchairs. The resulting minimalist look fits perfectly with the interior trends in 2022.

In conclusion, it would be fair to say that all things natural - whether it's colours or materials - are very much trending in 2022. Natural materials are also easy to combine, giving you maximum flexibility in designing.