Kitchen Farming

Kitchen Farming

Many of us have a pot or two of herbs growing on the kitchen windowsill. But the new trend of kitchen farming, which is already popular in Asia and the USA, goes a lot further than that.

Developing a closer relationship to food again

The trend towards growing fresh produce within your own four walls has been noticeable for several years now. More and more people, especially in cities, are turning to food cultivation in order to get closer to their source of food and to perceive nature with all their senses again.

How does food grow?

Kitchen farming simply exploits the fact that food can actually be grown very easily even without a garden or a patch of arable land. You can grow many plants from fruits to vegetables, salads and herbs in your own kitchen.

A number of gardening accessories can be used to grow suitable plants. There are special planters or hanging pots that have an integrated UV lamp. If you have a little more space, you can also put up a compact greenhouse in the kitchen. The range of items available for kitchen farming is growing all the time. Many start-ups now offer sophisticated systems for all possible spatial situations. But if you're handy, you can put your own skills to use and build your own greenhouse or suitable planters.

How to start

The best feature of kitchen farming is that it doesn't take much to get started. Having plenty of natural light in your kitchen would be a great plus. In the absence of that, you can always put up additional artificial lighting to guarantee good growth. Make sure that all plants are watered as necessary. Also, remember to choose plants based on the average temperature in your kitchen.

It doesn't take up a lot of space and kitchen farming can be practised in any kitchen, no matter the size. In very small kitchens, choose plants that grow tall so that only minimal floor space is required.

Kitchen farming is an interesting way of growing fresh and delicious produce, especially for city dwellers who do not have access to a garden or balcony. We wish you a lot of fun and success. After all, what could be better than enjoying home-grown fruits, salads and vegetables?