Sitting Around the Campfire- A Tradition That Lives On Today

Tuesday, 05. May 2015

Sitting Around the Campfire- A Tradition That Lives On Today

Fire is a basic element of the earth that continues to fascinate us. The flickering flames, the bright, warm beckons us in and invites us to sit down, eat together, sing a few songs, and forget the outside world. In the olden days fires were necessary for daily life, but the latest technology and beautiful designs allow us to enjoy glass fireplaces for use both inside and outside our homes. 

Long ago people did not have the skills to produce fire. Many, many years ago we had to wait for lightning to strike to produce fire. Fire was something we feared. Eventually, we grew bold enough to wield fire ourselves, separating mankind from the rest of animals on the planet. As the only creatures able to use fire for our own purposes, we began to worship it. Most of the fire goddesses temples were guarded as their flames were not allowed to go out. Later, our hearths were carefully tended, in our homes fire gave heat, light and provided us with cooked food.  

Today, some of us still remember our childhood outdoor experiences where we learned how to use flint and steel to make fire, or rapidly rotated sharpened wooden sticks over carefully chosen kindling. These rustic skills of firemaking still bring a thrill to our veins. With the first matches arriving in 1806, man was given the first option for truly portable, fast fire. Now fire was available almost instantly, but remained unpredictable and dangerous.  

Although fire has not yet lots its elemental characteristics, today we can enjoy fire at home with specially constructed fireplaces for safe use. Surrounded by specially designed glass containers, these fireplaces capture both the good mood and play of the flames. Depending on the fuel, these fireplaces burn a few hours, allowing you to safely focus on your social life. Enjoy our glass fireplaces, and enjoy all the benefits of feeling human.