11 Ways To Make Your Own Home More Comfortable

11 Ways To Make Your Own Home More Comfortable

Only a home that you love is a home to relax in. Here are a few tips on how to make every room more comfortable.

A real home is not just a place to sleep. Optimally, it is a place where one likes to spend time, which invites you to linger and frees us from everyday stress. Of course, this only works if it is comfortable at home; When our home is a retreat where we can mentally and physically replenish the batteries, we are prepared for all the challenges that life poses for us.

So it's important to have a comfortable home and you can do something about that. Here are our tips for this:

Multiple Layers:

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make a home cosy and inviting is to work with shifts. For this, you simply take blankets, cushions and pillows and put them on top of each other on the couch, bed etc. A blanket on the couch provides warmth, the pillows and cushions are ideal for a variety of activities such. E.g. Reading or for a nap.

Lighting is the Key:

The perfect lighting plays an extremely important role when it comes to cosiness. Avoid very bright, fluorescent light sources or ceiling lights. Instead, floor and table lights offer a dimming function. If you then use bulbs with warm light, that's half the battle.

Wood Works:

This natural material is a simple yet very effective way to bring home comfort. Genuine wood is instantly inviting. With its unique surface texture and grain, it gives every room something special.

Warm Metals:

Copper, bronze, brass or rose gold radiate heat and change the ambience of any room. A few items in a warm metal tone can already have a great effect.

Warm Wall Colours:

The effect that a wall colour has on a room is often underestimated because the effects of colours are subtle yet significant, both physically and psychologically. For a quieter atmosphere, use colours that are not too bright. Warmest shades such as orange, yellow or neutral shades of brown are the most comfortable.

Texture creates Drama:

Textures and patterns give a room more depth and size. Our eyes are attracted by interesting patterns. Therefore, you should not forget this on wallpaper, because these are available in countless versions.

Soft Carpets:

A patterned rug with a texture that you would like to touch and feel like is a wonderful way to lend comfort to a room.


A curtain can radically change a room. Colourful curtains make the room look bigger, darker curtains turn it into a comfortable and inviting retreat. For south-facing windows, which have sun all day long, thicker curtains are suitable, and for all other windows, lighter curtains with orange, yellow and brown are also suitable.


Speaking of warm light: what gives more heat (literally) than candles? These transform the mood of any room with their soft glow. Scented candles offer a tantalizing scent that complements the cosy decor.

It is best if you use candles in different sizes and candlesticks that fit the rest of the interior.

Use Flowers:

Fresh flowers are an excellent way to bring liveliness and natural beauty into one room. At the same time, each room is more inviting with fresh flowers.

See Red:

One of the essential aspects of cosiness is the colour scheme of a room. Inviting colours give a room a soul. It is best to use reds in some places to make it more comfortable.

A cosy home is not a magical feat. Only if we feel comfortable in it, we can also recover. Keep the lighting, colour scheme etc. in mind when setting up, so there is nothing to stand in the way of a cosy oasis of well-being that we like to call home.