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Ecological, sustainable and recyclable - this is what distinguishes the furniture by the Finnish brand EcoFurn. Their wooden chairs feature an innovative construction method with no metal parts at all. Instead, natural hemp ropes are ingeniously used to hold tegether the individual parts that make up the furniture. This creates unique and beautiful pieces that set them apart both indoors and outdoors. Let us take you into the world of sustainable furniture and introduce you to a new dimension of relaxation.

Unique furniture, unique design, unique comfort

Born in Finland, Hannu Lehtonen, one of the founders of the EcoFurn brand, grew up surrounded by forests and wood in all its diversity. He soon developed a fascination for woodworking and he set about creating unique furniture using Nordic woods. He also wanted to make Finnish and Estonian woodworking traditions famous and accessible to people all around the world. So he started experimenting with different woods and designs together with two friends. In the beginning, the wooden slats that were leftover as by-products were used for heating. But Lehtonen experimented with using these pieces of wood to make chairs and the first EcoChair was born. And this one fully deserves its name, as the off-cuts from other productions are given new life to make these chairs.

To this day, the EcoChair the foundation of the EcoFurn brand, even if the product range already includes over 20 different models. What once started as a small carpentry shop is now an international company with 50 employees in Finland and Estonia, which sells its products in over 40 countries worldwide.

Nordic wood in an innovative design

Each piece of furniture by EcoFurn is made exclusively from Nordic woods. These are either FSC-certified or come from a verifiable origin. With a few exceptions, mainly hemp ropes are used for assembly. These are not only natural, but thanks to their flexibility also allow the furniture to be securely placed even on uneven surfaces.

In addition to designing their own products, EcoFurn also relies on professional designers. Of course, ecology, sustainability and recyclability are taken into consideration when it comes to design. The inspiration for their unique products is the natural beauty of Finland - endless forests, crystal-clear lakes and incomparable tranquillity. This magical atmosphere gives rise to the most exciting ideas for beautiful new products, while the changing seasons serve as a natural test laboratory for new developments.

Eco-friendly principles as a cornerstone of the company's philosophy

Ecological thinking and respect for nature are at the core of the EcoFurn brand. All products are 100% recyclable. During production, meticulous care is taken to ensure that no environmentally harmful waste is generated. State-of-the-art infrastructures and production processes guarantee eco-friendly production. Incidentally, wood waste is also included in this: wood waste and sawdust are processed into briquettes and pellets, which can be used as heating material, ensuring that no resources are wasted.

Less plastic and more wood - that is the basic idea behind the EcoFurn brand. To achieve this, EcoFurn has set itself the goal of producing wooden furniture of such outstanding quality that people automatically prefer it to others. EcoFurn furniture combines sustainability, the highest quality and innovative design and is therefore a unique alternative to conventional pieces of furniture.

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