The Kitchen- The Center of Your Home

For a long time it was displaced by living rooms and dining rooms, but over time the kitchen has come back to the room we all tend to gather in. At the moment, luxury kitchens are in trend!  

Why are luxury kitchens on the rise?

Firstly, as more and more people go back to our roots, we are using our kitchens more and more often. 

Secondly, people are just getting more interested in food again, and want to be able to cater to their own tastes. 

Today, a kitchen can do anything. Whether we want extra large cabinets, an enormous refrigerator, illuminated shelves for kitchen herbs or a special kitchen for vegan chefs - no problem! Simply enlist the help of a kitchen planner and get your dreams off the ground. We now have more freedom than ever to design what we want.

The appliances make the difference! 

The most expensive part of creating your kitchen can easily be the appliances. These days, we are more and more interested in cooking at home or spoiling our family and friends. Meals are made easier with top-notch appliances.

Tips for purchasing

Don't just grab the first appliance you find, shop around and compare prices. You can actually save quite a bit on expensive brands. In addition, you should take the time to track prices over a longer period of time.

Kitchen accessories

For a new, expensive kitchen to look really exclusive, the right kitchen accessories are a must. We have a few suggestions of really special items:

The designer egg cups by Sagaform are also a beautiful must. They are made of ceramics and have a storage stand made of bamboo.

Do you like to eat salad? Then these salad servers are just the right bit of fun to lighten up your evening! The unusual design makes for a perfectly portioned salad.