Eagle Products Somerset Blanket

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The Somerset blanket in many different colors. It can be used for almost anything. Featuring 100% Cashmere - the blanket is both classy and sporty at the same time. The fine fishbone pattern and wide selection of colorful and neutral colors make this blanket a must have. The soft finish makes the material supple, cozy, and easy to clean.

Cashmere is the finest type of hair with a soft, cuddly feel. Cashmere comes from the cashmere goat (lat. Capra tibetica) in Mongolia, Persia and Afghanistan. The goats are kept up to 5000 m high in herds. Only under these conditions can they develop the soft, downy hair beneath their coarse outer coats. This hair is collected from the goat itself or combed out of its coat. Laboriously the colors brown, gray and the rare white are sorted out. A goat only has about 100 g of processable hair, just as much as you need for a scarf. These facts make cashmere one of the most valuable and most expensive types of natural hair.

Production takes place exclusively in Germany using only renewable raw materials (cashmere) . The blanket is durable and can be used with appropriate care for many years.

Materials : Cashmere

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Maintenance: air out from time to time; to remove coarse dirt and shake and lightly brush. For larger spills we recommend gentle dry cleaning.

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