Festive Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

Festive Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to decorate your home with a festive touch both inside and outside. You can go for a traditional look with a red and white colour scheme or try something new and deliberately different - for example, with kitschy colours. Get ideas and inspiration from the Christmas decor tips we've put together below.

Beautify the entrance to your home

During the festive Christmas season, a beautifully done up entrance area is the perfect way to welcome your guests. A door wreath is a great start - and can be supplemented by a pair of simple plants placed on either side of the front door - a good option is a magnolia. If you choose live plants (which we recommend), you can plant them later in the garden.

Don't forget the postbox

Often overlooked, but a wonderful choice to decorate is the humble postbox. Turn your postbox into a colourful Christmas tree and drape a festive garland on it made with pine tree branches tied together with ribbons in the colour of your choice. Arrange it in the shape of a large bow and attach it with string or a piece of thin, flexible wire.

Christmas lanterns

Lanterns with candles or tea lights exude cosy warmth. This is an incredibly versatile idea for decoration as they are available in endless variations, styles, sizes, shapes, colours etc. Whether you use matching sets or mix & match different designs, collectively they have a wonderful effect. Place a few festively wrapped dummy gifts around the lanterns to add even more of a Christmassy touch.

Decorate your Christmas tree

Almost every home has old Christmas tree ornaments that have been lovingly collected over the years. You can keep reusing them year after year even if you've just bought new ones. Use a variety of ornaments, colours and themes to give your Christmas tree a unique, personal touch that will set it apart from standard Christmas tree decorations.

An eye-catching centrepiece for the dining table

A large dining table is a fantastic setting for a large, elegant and decorative centrepiece. Let your imagination run wild and use everything from red roses and berries to large silver vases, twigs and cones. Metallic surfaces, such as silvery vases, reflect warm candlelight and the rich colours of flowers and add depth to the look. Click here for festive Christmas table decor ideas.

Make napkin rings for the festive meal

Take your table decor to a whole new level with homemade napkin rings for a unique and eye-catching touch. Match them to go with the rest of your interior. There are tons of ideas on the internet - find one that best suits your style and home and go for it!

Decorative lamps

To spread the Christmas spirit in every corner of your home, add festive touches everywhere. A good option are the lamps in your home, especially those that hang from the ceiling. A green garland tied to the cables with a string adds to the joyous mood. Look around to see what else you can decorate. Columns, railings, window sills, bookshelves... Alternatively, you can also set out lamps with Christmas designs.

String lights

It goes without saying but string lights are a MUST for Christmas! You can put them up outside as well as inside your home.

There are countless tips on Christmas decorations for the home and it would be futile to try and list them all. But we hope you've gathered a few ideas to get you started.

You are the best judge when it comes to decorating your own home. And plus, there's no right or wrong - what matters most is that your home looks festive and cosy and you are pleased with the outcome. So roll up your sleeves and get started now! We wish you a pleasant Advent.