Fleur Ami Natural Essence Planter

Planter with a natural, smooth surface.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer


Natural Essence Planter

The Essence planter series by Fleur Ami is made of lightweight polystone that has a very stylish surface design.

The planters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use, drill a drainage hole in the base of the planter. A liner is recommended for use with these planters.

Special Properties: Frost Resistant material, Suitable for Outdoor Use, Waterproof (Inner Liner Recommended)
Type of Product (metainfo): Vases & Planters

More information

Item number Diameter Inner diameter Height Planting depth Liner
17787 39cm 25cm 90cm 89cm 17896
17747 52cm 34cm 120cm 119cm 18603
17748 65cm 43cm 150cm 149cm 18604