Fink BARDINO Wreath with Glass Top

Versatile use

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer

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This exclusive deco wreath from Fink Living impresses with its outstanding material and manufacturing quality as well as its exceptionally elegant design. The high-quality nickel-plated and intricately hammered surface gives this wreath its unique look and makes every piece a real one-off. The special shape also allows you to customise the wreath according to your personal taste so that you can perfectly adapt it to your interior design style.

  • Candle spouts and glass cylinders removable - therefore usable all year round as a decorative object
  • Elaborately worked by hand
  • Unique character
  • Material: Nickel-plated aluminium
  • Incl. 4 glasses with ground
  • Suitable candle size: diameter 8cm, height 10cm

Product information for nickel-plated articles:

The production of nickel-plated home accessories uses raw materials such as iron, brass or Zinc alloy. After shaping, assembly, further processing and thorough cleaning, the finishing takes place where the items are dipped in the nickel baths. The longer a product takes a "bath", the thicker the nickel layer is. This layer is measured in microns (microns, μm) and is fixed for all FINK products. Finally, the finished products are finely polished.

Irregular shapes, surfaces or other details that may arise during crafting give each product its individual charm and make it a truly unique piece.

For cleaning, the manufacturer recommends the CARE premium care cloth.

Candles and decoration are not included.

Special Properties: Not suitable for outdoor use

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Material: Nickel-plated aluminium and mouth-blown glass


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