Esschert Design Large Insect Hotel

A colorful villa for insects

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Insects perform many important functions in our gardens. Among other things, they pollinate plants and act as natural pest controllers. By adding several insect species nesting and wintering protection, you not only revitalize your garden with beneficial organisms, but can be active in conservation and preservation.

The tray with the red flap provides lacewings, ladybugs and earwigs protection and shelter. They all eat aphids and spider mites. Fill the tray with fine wheat straw, and the animals will begin nesting from early September to early April. Butterflies will also use the house during bad weather. Hang near the thin branches they use for pupation.

Wild bees prefer to nest in cavities. Each type chooses a particular cross-section. Mason Bees for example, prefer holes of 3 to 7mm diameter, hylaeus 2 to 4mm. Solitary bees close their tubes with clay. The location for the insect hotel is important to note: choose one that is protected from wind and rain, in a sunny place. The heat is particularly important for breeding.

Hang the nesting box in 1.5 - 2 m high in an east-west alignment, making sure that the front is clearly visible to the insects. For a "fully booked" hotel make sure herbs, floriferous wild plants, shrubs and trees are in the immediate area as they provide the insect a rich food source. The presence of clay, sand and water nearby is also advantageous.

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Dimensions: 31x15x48cm

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